next steps

What are Your Next Steps?

We are all on a journey. We want to help you with your next step on your journey with God and with us at Connection Church. At the core of the Church's mission from our King Jesus is to make disciples. Before He ascended back to the Father in heaven, Jesus gave us His marching orders: make disciples by baptizing them and teaching them to follow in His ways (Matthew 28). Below are the ways that we as Connection Church want to help you on that journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus.



We baptize all ages at Connection Church, from infants to elderly. All of us, regardless of age, are broken by sin and unable to save ourselves. Baptism is the means by which God mysteriously and officially connects us to the forgiveness of Jesus and marks us a member of His family. Your journey with Jesus--young or old--begins in baptism.

If you or your child have never been baptized and would like to discuss plans to do so, contact Pastor Andy (apronsati@splconline.com) to set up a meeting.


One of the key values we have at Connection Church is to Serve. To do this it requires all of us, working together, to make it happen. Plus, serving in the mission is one of the primary ways to make friends and experience life change. We encourage everyone to find one place of primary service within the church and to take part in service outside of the church through your Connection Group. Serving is open to and encouraged for all.

You can go HERE to see the different opportunities to serve within the church. You may also contact our Serve Coordinator (ccservecoordinator@gmail.com) to learn more about the ways you can get plugged in.


Membership at Connection Church means supporting and sharing in the congregation's ministries with prayers, time, talents, and treasures. While being involved in serving opportunities, worship, and Connection Groups are open to all people, to become a member is to take a deeper step and have ownership in our church community. Because we are a satellite campus of St. Paul, we share a membership process.

There are two components to our membership process here at Connection Church. GOD Connects is a six-week overview of the Christian faith to help you know what Connection Church & St. Paul believe. PLACE is a one session seminar that helps you understand how you can become actively involved in the ministries of Connection Church & St. Paul.

Contact Pastor Andy (apronsati@splconline.com) to find out when the next GOD Connects and PLACE sessions take place.